Hydrovolt receives national Renewables Award

This week, Hydrovolt is awarded the prestigious Fornybarprisen (“Renewables Award”) in Norway.

The award is hosted by Energy Norway, representing renewable energy companies in Norway, and goes to people and businesses that have contributed to building and promoting electrification and other uses of renewable energy.

Kristin H. Lind, director at Energy Norway responsible for Power grids, power systems and entrepreneurs, comments: “Hydrovolt represents a milestone in the electrification of the transport sector. Norway has been a world leader in the adoption of electric vehicles for years but has lacked the ability to recycle batteries. Then smart minds came up with a solution. I am very impressed.”

Lind also points out that Hydrovolt’s facilities show how companies at the same time not only solve sustainability challenges, but also deliver significant value creation to the Norwegian society.

The joint venture between Hydro and Northvolt was highlighted as an excellent example of how collaborative efforts across sectors and borders can help solve problems in society and create new industries.

CEO of Hydrovolt, Peter Qvarfordt, comments: “It is incredibly nice to receive Fornybarprisen after less than one month of operation. In a very short time, we have gone from being two companies with a shared idea to make the battery industry more sustainable and circular, to getting Europe’s largest recycling plant for electric car batteries up and running. It is possible to think big in a small country, and even bigger in two neighboring countries, which Hydro and Northvolt represent.”