Hydrovolt expands in Fredrikstad

Hydrovolt is taking over the Norsk Stål Tynnplater premises in Fredrikstad. Nineteen new employees will join Hydrovolt.

Peter Qvarfordt, CEO of Hydrovolt, comments: “This is a win-win solution for everyone. For Hydrovolt, this agreement means that we will be able to expand our future discharge and storage capacity in Fredrikstad. In addition, we are securing valuable competence with 19 Norsk Stål Tynnplater employees joining Hydrovolt.”

Earlier this year, Norsk Stål Tynnplater, part of the Indian steel company, Tata Steel, announced that it would close its production at Øra in Fredrikstad this year. On August 1, Hydrovolt will take over the buildings and property from Norsk Stål Tynnplater. All employees are being offered new positions at Hydrovolt.

Hydrovolt is putting Fredrikstad on the map

Peter Qvarfordt, CEO of Hydrovolt

Puts Fredrikstad on the map

Qvarfordt comments: “Hydrovolt is putting Fredrikstad on the map as a significant location for the green industry in Norway. We are grateful for all of the positive support we have received in Fredrikstad.”

Hydrovolt is a joint venture between the Norwegian energy and aluminum company, Hydro, and the Swedish battery manufacturer, Northvolt.

In May, Hydrovolt started its commercial recycling operations at the Fredrikstad plant. Hydrovolt is Europe’s largest electric vehicle battery recycling plant, with the capacity to process 12,000 tons of battery packs annually – sufficient enough to recycle the entirety of the Norwegian end-of-life battery market. Hydrovolt will also receive batteries from Sweden and the rest of Europe.

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Peter Qvarfordt, CEO of Hydrovolt.

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