Members of Stortinget visited Hydrovolt

This week six members of the Norwegian Parliament, all representing Østfold, visited Hydrovolt’s plant in Fredrikstad.

This was an important visit for Hydrovolt. I’m really grateful that the representatives spent time learning more about Hydrovolt, the plant we are building in Fredrikstad and our vision for green industry in Norway and Europe.

Anders Bakken, CFO of Hydrovolt

On August 29th Stein Erik Lauvås (A), Kjerstin Wøyen Funderud (SP), Erlend Wibord (FrP), Ingjerd Schou (H), Freddy Andre Øvstegård (SV) and Solveig Vitanza (A), all representing Østfold at the Norwegian parliament, visited Hydrovolt’s battery recycling plant in Fredrikstad. 

In August, Hydrovolt took over the Norsk Stål Tynnplater premises in Fredrikstad together with nineteen new employees. The next months, Hydrovolt will install production facilities for a large-scale process for discharging batteries to zero volts, dismantling battery modules, and an automated closed-loop process for crushing and shredding.

Hydrovolt is Europe’s largest electric vehicle battery recycling plant. In parallel, we are exploring possibilities for expanding our capacity in other European countries. The world is looking to Fredrikstad, and we appreciate the support our local politicians at Stortinget show us

Anders Bonde Bakken, CFO of Hydrovolt