The world needs sustainable battery recycling

With the rise of battery-electric transportation, society will become cleaner and our emissions will reduce. But what happens to batteries when they reach the end of their lifetimes? Not what you might think…

Hydrovolt was established by Northvolt and Hydro to deliver sustainable battery recycling in Europe and ensure that no battery is ever wasted.

With a clean and innovative approach, we recover valuable metals and other materials from batteries which can be circulated back into the manufacturing of new products to provide a sustainable solution for end-of-life management of batteries and contribute to a circular economy.

Operating Norway’s first EV battery recycling plant in the town of Fredrikstad.

Fully operational, our first plant will recycle over 12,000 tons of battery packs every year – more than enough to cover the entire volume of batteries being retired from the Norwegian EV market.

We are not stopping at Norwegian EV batteries – we will also handle batteries from electric ferries, grid energy storage systems, and more as we begin to receive batteries from Sweden and Europe.