The world needs clean batteries and we need a plan for what to do with them end-of life. We need to recover the materials and use them in new batteries or other products – and not produce waste.

The Swedish battery making company Northvolt, and the energy and aluminium company Hydro from Norway have now come together to create the joint venture Hydrovolt, which is building Europe’s largest electric car battery recycling facility in Fredrikstad, Norway. The battery recycling plant is situated just next to and will work hand in glove with Batteriretur, the company that collects used batteries in Norway.

We are building Norway’s first electric car battery recycling plant in the town of Fredrikstad.

Once the first plant is up and running at the end of this year, Hydrovolt will be able to recycle the entire Norwegian volume, and we will also collect batteries from Sweden and other parts of Europe. We also plan to recycle other types of batteries, including from electric ferries, ships and ESS.

At the start, the plant will be able to handle more than 8,000 tonnes of battery modules – so about 23,000 EV batteries pr year. We start in Norway, but we are also aiming at European expansion.